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211: What Is It?

211 was launched mid-October through funding by the Government of Canada, in partnership with the Government of New Brunswick, the United Ways of New Brunswick and its partners. 211 is the information and referral service that connects New Brunswickers to critical human, social, community and government support. It helps New Brunswickers navigate the complex network of government and community programs and services quickly to find what they need for their unique situation.

It is 100% free and confidential.

One of the phenomenal things about this service is that phones are answered 24/7, 365 days a year. We also have access to 170 languages through interpretation services, helping community members across the province speak about their problem with as much ease as possible.

Another reason why 211 is remarkable? When someone contacts 211, they are connected with a real person who will ask questions about their situation and suggest programs or services that can help. Often, they can be registered on the spot. This not only eliminates the stress of trying to wade through the changing information people are processing each day, but it also means the information you get is personal and relevant.

What kinds of services are people referred to?

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What it’s not

211 is not a crisis management or counselling service. Our community navigators are not trained to offer advice. They are experts in the human, social, community and government resources, programs and services available to New Brunswickers. What they can offer though is information and referral to the help that’s out there.

How does 211 work with community organizations?

211 is a complementary service to the hard work that many organizations and services are doing. It helps ease the burden of research and navigation, so organizations can do what they’re best at: serving their people.

211 is a tool we can all use.

How do I access the service?

-Dial 2-1-1 (free)
-Call the toll-free line 1-855-258-4126
-Call the toll-free VRS line 1-855-405-7446
-Email 211nb@findhelp.ca

-*NEW* 211 Online portal and searchable database:  nb.211.ca 


211 is the front door to community, social and government services. When you don’t know where to turn, help starts at 211.


Have more questions about 211? Feel free to reach out to 211 NB Director of Community Engagement, Daniela Fernandez at 211info@moncton.unitedway.ca or call 506 858 8600, extension 3670.