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Children & Youth

Through a new approach, YOU Turns is unlocking the potential in our youth, not only helping them to succeed, but helping them reach the next level. We are only going to make a difference by working and behaving differently with one another, and this means committing to Collective Impact. Learn more about YOU Turns. Visit the YOU Turns website.

* all in for youth (or AIFY) is a registered trademark owned by the United Way of Calgary and Area (UWCA) and is used with permission. The All In for Youth program supports youth in the successful completion of their primary and secondary education and in their transition to adulthood. 

All Star Coaches are people who see the potential in our boys, who can and want to help and,who challenge boys to see it too! Coaches look out for others; they are empathetic, promote independent thinking, they respect friendships, diversity, learning and lead through example. Coaches care; they are positive role models helping boys out on their journey. Get involved!

Created in 1998, the mission of the Youth First committee is to promote and support positive youth development through the integration of the 40 Developmental Assets®. The committee works to promote the “good stuff” young people need to grow up healthy, make positive choices and be resilient in tough circumstances. Learn more about Youth First.

United Way brings its experience and leadership in Collective Impact, in creating significant community change, to helping children have the best start through a number of initiatives. Our primary commitment is as Co-Chair of the Everything Early Years Network. Everything Early years brings together parents, community agencies, and government departments to hold conversations, build relationships and partnerships, and collaborate to create strategies, strengthening services and programs for parents of children, ages birth to 8. 

We also sit on the Early Childhood services network for the District scolaire francophone sud, as well as participate in the Beau démarrage committee working to bring Social Pediatrics in community to the region. Find out more!