We change lives.

Impact Stories


Leroy’s life changed when he started attending the safe space program with the Big Cove First Nations Wellness Committee.


Cheryl is a community hero in Shediac. She volunteers her time, collects anything agencies need and donates. She donates because she knows what it’s like to face hard times and how impactful one act of kindness can be.

Garry Stokes

It’s been 10 years since Garry woke up from a 3 month coma, and he has been gaining more independence every day since.


Christian has a rare disability called partial trisomy 21, which for him is a learning disability.


Growing up as a kid with vision loss, made it hard for Véronique to find her place in her community.


Growing up, I didn’t really have a place where I belonged. I couched surfed, stayed in group homes, I even slept on the street.


We had a good life in Syria before the war. My husband was a lawyer, I taught at the local university. But then it became too dangerous, I’d say goodbye each time I left the house unsure if I would ever return.


My twins are perfect. They’re smart, loving and a ton of fun. But they’ve also faced developmental challenges.


When I was young, I felt that money was equal to self worth, and my self worth was nothing. I dropped out of high school and became addicted to drugs.