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With more than 190 partners throughout our region, United Way is happy to offer various forms of sponsorship opportunities through sponsored events and gifts to raffles during events. United Way is happy to support and promote your sponsorship through recognition on marketing materials, extensive media coverage, and recognition in United Way officials reports.

Donate a Gift-In-Kind

In-kind donations are a unique approach to charitable giving which consists of donating goods and providing services, rather than cash. We are truly grateful for all our in-kind donations. Gifts are used to support events such as Campaign Kick-Off, Campaign Celebration and Day of Caring as well as at raffles during events such as Songs of the City and Soupfest.

Sponsor an Event

United Way hosts several events throughout the year including Songs of the City, Day of Caring, and Soupfest for which we offer various tiers of sponsorship for each event. Please contact us for more information regarding sponsoring events.

Host an Event

Many corporate partners will choose to host their own event and donate all proceeds towards their campaign goal. United Way will help promote your event through our website, social media and other communications.

Loaned Representative Program

United Way offers companies the unique opportunity to loan one of their current employees to work for United Way during campaign season.

During a 12-week full-time secondment, usually from September to December, Loaned Representatives – through extensive training and ongoing support – become experts in designing, delivering and analyzing United Way fundraising efforts.

This program presents a unique development opportunity for employees at any stage of their careers. Many organizations now incorporate the program into their orientation for management trainees; others use it as professional development for employees who are up-and-coming; while some have used the program as a valuable transition for employees who are retiring or leaving the workplace.

Loaned Representatives return to the job refreshed, re-energized, and enriched. As a result, they often become well positioned for promotions and other exciting opportunities. United Way’s Loaned Representative Program provides employees responsible for workplace campaigns (Employee Campaign Coordinators) with the customized advice and resources they need to be successful.

For more information on the Loaned Representative Program, please contact us at 858-8600 or email: olivier.doiron@moncton.unitedway.ca