We change lives.

All Star Coaches

All Star Coaches are people who see the potential in our boys, who can and want to help, and who challenge boys to see it too!

The Facts
of boys read for pleasure.
of boys place a high value on helping other people.
of boys are actively engaged in learning.
Inspire. Give. Share.
Not only does Research tell us, but today’s youth are telling us that they (in particular boys) are lacking some of the essential skills that will determine their success as adults. Even with strong family role models, extra-curricular activities and education opportunities, boys are struggling to develop compassion and sensitivity to others, empathy and friendship skills, and a desire for lifelong learning. All Star Coaches are answering the call; they are helping today’s youth grow into successful involved citizens.
All services projects and initiatives are aligned with the positive, strength based approach to youth development outlined in the Developmental Assets™ framework.

The Call
We need motivators and role models interested in helping kids and especially boys learn the skills they need to be successful. Through volunteering and leading by example you will help keep kids tuned in to lifelong learning, grow respect and empathy skills as well as motivate them to act and think for themselves in positive ways.

Do you have what it takes to make a difference in today’s youth?

*Source: Search Institute Survey - Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviours 2014