We change lives.

Reach The Goal

Let’s ensure that our community receives our support.

Only $90,000 to go

Over the past five years, the population of the tri-community has increased by 14% and so have the needs in our community. United Way has had an average of 30% per year of funding requests we could not support.

What your dollars do

Reaching the goal ($2.5 million) means that the United Way is able to provide agencies with the funding they need. If we fall short, the allocations requested will be adjusted, and agencies may not receive the funding required to support the community.

How you can help

You can donate to the United Way Community Fund online at reachthegoal.ca or by calling 858-8600. Your company could give a corporate donation or organize special staff events. United Way staff and volunteers are available to help support your initiatives. Please donate before February 28, 2018 to help us reach this year’s goal.

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