We change lives.


You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know it exists.

In our busy world, important local social issues can often be ignored or go unnoticed. United Way wants to change that.

We’re highlighting the issues that impact our community every day – #UNIGNORABLE issues like homelessness, youth mental health challenges and poverty – so we can change them together.

These issues often take hold over many years, making it difficult to see and too often easy to ignore.

#UNIGNORABLE issues negatively impact our communities by holding too many people back because of circumstances beyond their control. Left unchecked, they threaten the quality of life we all value as Canadians.

We know we can make a difference as individuals by coming together around these significant issues.

These aren’t someone else’s problems; they belong to each of us as members of our communities. If you love where you live, you can show your local love by taking action on these issues today.

Show your local love by donating, learning more about the issues, connecting with a community agency and getting involved through us.